Good Dogs Are Trained!

After many years of working in nightclubs and casinos Jim Leske decided to follow his passion and work with animals. Since then he has worked for the zoos, movie studios, the Wildlife Waystation and founded Good Dogs Are Trained!

Here are a few testimonials from a few satisfied clients

I am the proud owner of 2 exuberant, happy labs. (Are there any other kind of Labs ??) I have to admit when we first started with these two, my husband & I were completely overwhelmed and actually considered giving them up ! Handling one Lab puppy is a challenge but Two !! In total desperation, we went to Jim and within a matter of moments, we were taught how to take control of the situation. After just one lesson, we were thrilled to see that our girls were learning (actually, it was WE that were learning) to behave beautifully. We went on to receive "Canine Good Citizen Awards" and were able to travel across the USA with our dogs who stayed in 19 different hotels and loved every minute of it ! So did we and most importantly, So did the hotel owners ! We have happy, well-behaved dogs that er are proud to take anywhere. We owe it all to Jim and his gentle patience and complete understanding of what and how dog-owners can learn to control unruly pets so that everyone is happier, ESPECIALLY the pets! Our girls adore jim and we are forever grateful !

-Becky Maxwell

After rescuing a pure German Shepherd, Bo, from a high kill shelter who was seemingly a very aggressive, Jim stepped in and worked with him. Bo now lives across the street from a dog park and plays there daily with dogs of all sizes.
Jim knows that it is up to the person to be the Alpha to their dog. He teaches people to gain their dogs respect so the person can be in control of the dog. Not the other way around.

-Sylva Kelegian, Actress

Bear is a shelter rescue & a 4 time reject ! Though a magnificent Shepherd, he was starving, abused & neglected. He had a fierce & aggressive nature towards other dogs. Love & care brought him a long way back, but the turning point was when he was enrolled in the Behavior Clinic !
Bear has come so far and is now very well behaved & a social guy, who loves to play with other dogs ! both small & large !
Thanks, Jim!

-Lorna Anderson